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In Loving Memory of HRH Queen Elizabeth II

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Many of us in the ESOL and English Language Learning Community were deeply saddened by the passing of the Queen on September, 8th 2022. She was truly an incredible woman who inspired millions of people around the world.

This post is a tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, which shows the huge impact she made on our global community.

"Without her service to Hong Kong we cannot stand firm.
Without her love we cannot survive until now.
Our thought are with the Royal Family during this time. As we reflect on her long reign, we admire her kindness, generosity and love of the country and the world.
Condolences to all her family. May she rest in peace and stay together with Philip forever." - Anna from Hong Kong

"Heard the Queen's previous speeches from the radio today and learned she was an optimistic Queen. She encouraged people to forget the troubles of the past, tomorrow is a new day.
I like her, the Queen of the United Kingdom." - Rosina from Hong Kong

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"The Queen was an extremely loved person by many people from all over the world. She did great things for her nation. At last, she passed away in a place that she loved since she was a young child. May her soul rest in peace." -Maria from Portugal

"One of the most fascinating and powerful women of the world. She is a part of history, an inspiration of power, elegance. love and unity for all of us, especially for women." - Roxana from Romania

"The sign of a true queen is that she hold respect for others as highly as her memorable crown." - Alba from India

"Queen Elizabeth was a humble, hard working and enthusiastic woman. She was very dedicated to her life and she did her job perfectly and honestly.

No doubt she was a very brave and inspirational woman. God bless the Queen! Rest in peace." - Sameera from Pakistan

"I was born in Hong Kong Queen Elizabeth hospital. Those were the days in Hong Kong, I saw her everywhere, on the money, on the stamps, on the street and buildings..., but now she is in my heart, my Queen forever." - Joyce from Hong Kong

"She is my Queen! She is my mother! Also she is my great leader especially for my homeland Hong Kong. She did a wonderful and now rests in peace. I miss her. We love her! God bless her and the Royal family. I hope we will meet you again in paradise." - Ivan from Hong Kong

"On the throne, as a daughter, a wife, a mother and even a grandmother she did a brilliant job. God bless her leaving so peacefully to meet her dearest loved one in heaven.

We Hong Kongers will always love and admire her for ever and ever." - Ivis from Hong Kong

"We don't have to be a royalist to appreciate the Queen. You may say whatever you like but the life that chose her and how she carried herself throughout was extraordinary.

The difficulty of handling the monarchy, family life and constant public pressure and opinions would break most of us but she dealt with it all with grace and dignity. Duty above all!

What a strong woman she was. May she rest in peace. We won't have another one like her. Respect! - Georgi from Bulgaria

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