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A Day Trip to Holy Island

Summer is just around the corner, what better way to enjoy time with the family than a day trip to Holy Island near Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland, England. Walking around the island is the best way to see the island and its wildlife. There are great coastal views, sometimes you might see grey seals on beaches or rocks as you walk along the shoreline. You may also include the option of visiting 16th-century Lindisfarne Castle, Castle Point and the castle lime kilns.

Holy island is 64 miles away from my home in Newcastle, and we had taken 90 minutes to arrive on the island by car. We explored the island wildlife by walking around the island last Sunday. Hiding in a stone hut called Window on Wild Lindisfarne to see the wild birds and beautiful wildlife through the big window was an amazing experience. We met a group of lambs enjoying their meals on the lawn, they were very friendly and lovely.

On the beach and rocks, we had no luck to see the wild grey seals. But we enjoyed building a heap of stones with other visitors on the sunny beach. We had spent 4 hours completing the walk. It was time to fill our stomachs, we enjoyed tasty local seafood at the Barn at Beal restaurant, especially the fresh oysters and lobster were really delicious.

Holy island is one of the best places to stargaze in the UK. You may consider staying on the island overnight to view stars and galaxies. If the aurora activity is high enough, I will definitely go there to see the stunning polar light, stars and galaxies with the beautiful backdrop next time.

Holy Island is a tidal island off the northeast coast of England. It becomes inaccessible when the tide washes over its causeway. Driving on the causeway across the sea is so amazing. However, for the sake of your safety, please remember to click the hyper link below to check the tide table before heading to Holy island. (Holy Island causeway safe crossing times)

A Warm Welcome Awaits you!

Almost at the top of the UK!

Holy Island Courtesy of Google Maps

An Amazing Place to Explore!

Photograph by Patrick W

Not for the Faint Hearted - Driving Across the Causeway at Low Tide

Photograph by Patrick W

Friendly Lambs Enjoying the Fresh and Tasty Grass

Photograph by Patrick W

A Happy Patrick Enjoying Fresh and Tasty Lobster!

Photograph by Patrick W

The Night Skies are Incredible

Photograph Courtesy of Jonanthan Combe at Flickr

Just Remember...

Photograph Courtesy of Malc McDonald

Check the Tide Times!

Car abandoned after getting stuck at high tide on Holy Island Causeway Photo Photograph Courtesy of RNLI - Royal National Lifeboat Institution

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