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Who are we?

We are all from different countries like; Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Egypt, Iraq, Venezuela, Romania, Brazil, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Lithuania, Moldova, Afghanistan, Russia, Latvia, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Cameroon, Portugal, Armenia, Thailand and Hong Kong.

We met in our English class and became a community. We are learning English online and in person.

Why you should learn English

Here are some ideas of why it is important to learn to learn English that will give you motivation for your journey.

1. English is the most spoken language around the world.

2. You can increase your ability to communicate with different people from different countries

3. Learning English will increase your chances of getting a job and improving your skills.

4. English helps you increase your educational opportunities, so you can attend international schools around the world.

5. It's fun! It can help you understand different cultures and communicate with people from all over the world.

We have written some common reasons to study English but there are thousands of opportunities which can be opened with this magic key!

In the end we are so happy to have taken this step because for all of us it is necessary to learn English.

We believe we can improve our English together as a community!

Written by Aleeza, Ana, Aya, Rojan and Sumeera (Entry 3 ESOL Reading and Writing)

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