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A Road Trip to Finland!

Rovaniemi, Finland: Travel Blog

Rovaniemi is the official hometown of Santa Claus in the Arctic Circle. I would like to recommend that you visit Rovaniemi in winter because it is a very beautiful place, but I recommend it more to families with children.

Christmas is a special time of year to visit the Hometown of Santa Claus. The temperature reaches -29° during this period.

Where to stay

I recommend you to stay in a cottage located not far from the city, but to be in the forest to see the beauty of nature.

Santa Claus village

Santa Claus village is a beautiful place especially for children and you do not need to pay the entrance. You can visit more places, such as: Arctic Circle, Santa's office, Santa's official post office, Mrs. Santa Claus, reindeer sled ride, snow mobiles, husky sledding, Aurora Borealis and Santa Park.

Santa Park

Santa Park is an indoor place of lots of fun things for ages. Here you can go by train, you can earn your diploma in Elf school, you can see the Elf show, you can visit the Ice Gallery and many other activities.

In addition to this trip, We also visited other countries such as: Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

by Tatiana (all photos are authors own)

Our Road Trip to Finland

It was a snowy drive!

Our perfect cosy cottage - where we can enjoy nature!

There was a lot of ice!

We saw Santa!

We went to Elf School and got our diplomas!

The Aurora Borealis is amazing! It is also called The Northern Lights.

Questions from Classmates:

1. Did you travel by car?

Yes, it took 2 ferries. One going and one coming back. We came back by a different route.

2. Did you eat traditional food?

Yes, I ate reindeer and I preferred the food in Norway.

3. Is it expensive to eat out in Norway?

Not really - for a group of eight it cost about £200.

4. Did you go to Elf school?

Yes I did. And I got my certificate!

5. How long was your trip?

We went for 3-weeks.

6. Did you see any historical buildings?

Not really, but we saw polar bears, arctic foxes and reindeer. In Norway there were hundreds of reindeer and we were able to feed them bread.

7. Do you recommend this trip?

Absolutely, it was amazing!

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